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Lincoln's Dilemma - 4-Part Documentary Feature (2022) - Films & Series - Life Stories

Based on acclaimed historian David S. Reynolds’ award-winning book, Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times, the series features insights from a diverse range of journalists, educators and Lincoln scholars, as well as rare archival materials, that offer a more nuanced look into the man dubbed the Great Emancipator. Set against the background of the Civil War, Lincoln’s Dilemma also gives voice to the narratives of enslaved people, shaping a more complete view of an America divided over issues including economy, race and humanity, and underscoring Lincoln’s battle to save the country, no matter the cost.

Four lessons and full-length interviews conducted in the production of Lincoln's Dilemma are available.

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"The series, set against the backdrop of the Civil War, shows how that fight for emancipation was much larger than one lionized man."



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