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Linda Gordon - Historian - Interviewees - Life Stories


Linda Gordon is a historian, author, and educator. She received her Ph.D. in Russian History at Yale and soon after shifted her focus to become one of the pioneering historians examining women and gender. Gordon is currently professor of history at NYU, teaching courses on gender, social movements, imperialism and the 20th-century US. She has won many prestigious awards, including Guggenheim, NEH, ACLS, Radcliffe Institute and the New York Public Library’s Cullman Center fellowships. Gordon is the author of Woman's Body, Woman's Right: The History of Birth Control in America (1976), published in 1976, completely revised and re-published as The Moral Property of Women in 2002, America’s Working Women (1976 and 1995), Dear Sisters: Dispatches from Women’s Liberation (1995), Heroes of Their Own Lives: The History and Politics of Family Violence (1988) Pitied But Not Entitled: Single Mothers and the History of Welfare (1994), The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction (1999), Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits (2009) , Impounded: Dorothea Lange and Japanese Americans in World War II (2006), Feminism Unfinished (2015), Inge Morath: An Illustrated Biography (2018), and The Second Coming of the KKK (2017).

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