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"For a long time, I never talked about it. It probably hurts me. Well, now I’m 91 years old. I feel that what I talk about is not a very happy subject. However, I think people can learn from it. I have to tell you like it is."

- Tomiko Morimoto West


The Silent Witness (2023) - Documentary Short - Learning - Life Stories

Screening Guide

Tomiko Morimoto West’s compelling personal narrative in The Silent Witness recounts her survival of the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima. The Screening Guide created for this documentary short supports discussions on difficult topics such as the tragedy, trauma, loss and legacy of war, as well as resilience and the interplay of history, ethics, and storytelling. 

An educational roadmap is also included with suggestions of ways secondary teachers can incorporate The Silent Witness into secondary ELA, History, or other humanities-based courses.


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