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Darren Walker: Hope and Courage in Action -  - Podcast-Items - Life Stories

Darren Walker’s journey from his birth in a Louisiana charity hospital to becoming president of the nation’s fourth largest private philanthropy, the Ford Foundation, is a profoundly inspirational story that could not have been written even a generation ago. In this episode of The Thread, he takes us along on his life’s extraordinary path which he modestly describes as “lucky.” Walker describes how he earned a law degree before entering the private sector and rising quickly in the ranks of investment banking. But after less than a decade in corporate finance, he walked away from his high-paying position to volunteer at a school in Harlem. It was there he discovered the calling that would define his life from that point forward: philanthropy. Walker believes his work has a moral responsibility to provide “dignity and justice.” And on a very personal level, he emotionally talks about the death of his husband and how he learned to deal with grief.

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